UV takes it easy in sunny Portugal

UV is looking very settled in Portugal. This week the weather has been mainly sunny with temperatures in the mid to high 20s Centigrade, rather better than the previous wet and windy spell.

Since the last post UV has ventured to the coast a couple of times but otherwise has only ranged over 0.5 km or so.

His first trip to the sea was on 17 October. He arrived there sometime before 13.00 GMT -fixes were only every 20 to 40 minutes in the morning and a few were inaccurate, probably due to UV being in trees and out of reach of enough satellites. From the available data he only spent a short time flying up the coast towards Sines before heading inland. He flew over the Morgavel river finally roosting in trees beside it. The image below is the current Google Earth view, with the river hard to identify. The pegs show UV looking as though he may be heading away then he decided to explore for a while.

Morgavel river and some of UV's points when he started exploring the area

Morgavel river and some of UV’s points when he started exploring the area

The next map is from historical imagery. The dam at the edge, Barragem de Morgavel, was completed in 1980 and water releases affect the amount of water in the river between it and the sea. Wetter months are most likely to see releases so now the water level is probably more like this September image although the channel appears silted.

Morgavel river in  September 2004

Morgavel river in September 2004

UV roosted between 13.41 and 14.51, with a short fly around during that time.

UV's roost spot on the river

UV’s roost spot on the river

The populated looking area just to the west is a camping/caravan site with some fixed holiday homes, Camping São Torpes.

On leaving the river UV flew along the north side of the Barragem de Morgavel but didn’t explore. He had a siesta on the east side of it on 15 September, the day he started stopover. Or whatever this is! Ospreys do overwinter in Portugal although research hasn’t found any UK ospreys reported since 2012 when a Scottish 3 year old male White 65 overwintered on the river Tejo (Tagus) near Lisbon.

On 20 October UV returned to the coast in the late morning and flew south down it for a short distance before turning inland. Again he flew past the Barragem de Morgavel without detouring over it.  Otherwise UV has not gone far. With not much flying fixes are often 20 minutes apart during the day – the microprocessor reduces their frequency if there is limited activity. It is harder to detect successful fishing but he does tend to be in trees on the edge of the water between 07.00 and 08.00 most days, so probably makes an early catch. Recently he has been more consistent in his choice of overnight roost, using the same area 17-22 October.

7H is still near Azemmour in Morocco. There will be a post about her activity in the last week in the next couple of days.





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One Response to UV takes it easy in sunny Portugal

  1. Vivien Finn says:

    It’s looking more and more like UV will be over wintering in Portugal. Who can blame him, good fishing and a nice warm climate, he seems to be quite settled there. I’m beginning to feel a touch envious as the cold dark nights draw upon us.

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