Migration ‘up’date: up to nothing!

The two juveniles are still at their respective stopover locations. The weather early in the week would have been no encouragement to move on. The image below  shows the Atlantic depression on 15 October when it was heading east. It also indicates that the usual Azores “high” is off-position, and what’s left of it is centred over the Canary Islands – making life difficult for our ospreys and also for the sailing competitors in the Volvo Ocean Race, which started from Valencia on Saturday. Thanks to Paul for the analysis.

Surface wind map from Earthschool, additions courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

Surface winds map from Earthschool, additions Paul Wildlifewriter

The Earthschool website  has a great animation of the current surface winds. Hurricane “Gonzalo” is now a bit further northeast. The Portuguese coast is still experiencing moderate to fresh southerly winds.

On 14 October UV did make a couple of trips for a change of scene, although one was to the Barragem de Fonte Cerne where he’s been before. The second was to a small reservoir. With his limited travel mostly fixes are only every 20 minutes or so. Often he has moved in between those around his home patch, but he certainly isn’t going far. He is roosting overnight at one of four regular wooded areas and continues to move occasionally in the very early hours.

As for 7H, it was back to the Mazaran Beach Resort on Wednesday after a couple of days respite. At 11.44 GMT she was nearing it but over the sea. She had a very brief stop on the beach next to the golf course, no more than a couple of minutes, but soon went to the small lake. She flew around it, was stationary by it for only 10 minutes, then headed back towards the river.

Back to the resort for 7H

Back to the resort for 7H

On her flight back to the river you can see a bright blue rectangle just below the top of the map which she deviated towards. It is a swimming pool next to a play area at a campsite so no fish there, one assumes! 7H spent another half hour or so flying up and down a small section of the river. So in total she was in the air for 2 hours with only a 10 minute break, her longest sustained flying for a while.

On Thursday she was back at the resort once more, from 09.54 to 11.44. She spent from 10.13 to 11.32 in trees by the lake so perhaps she fished. Or it’s just a good spot to sit for a while!

Back again

Back again on 16 Oct

The image above shows 7H’s visit to Marazan Beach Resort on Thursday and activity from mid afternoon on 14 October until mid afternoon on 16 October; the red dots for the 15 October visit to Marazan have been removed for ease of viewing. Low tide on 16 October was at 14.26 so 7H was at the mouth of the river a couple of hours or so before that and did not stay in the area. Her limited travel range is very clear, typical of either a stopover or wintering grounds.

The ‘Location Maps’ tab in the top bar of the blog now shows summary maps of the juveniles’ migration so far. Tweed Valley Ospreys have recently published details of their tracked juvenile FK8’s migration to the end of September. Her journey through the UK is very similar to UV’s and her latest track in SW Portugal reflects 7H’s last couple of days in Europe, with both taking westerly routes. Fascinating stuff to ospreyholics!


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10 Responses to Migration ‘up’date: up to nothing!

  1. Thank you for the update. That Earthschool site is formidable. I shall keep that bookmarked.

  2. thehutts says:

    That map is beautifully artistic if alarming. We are supposed to be coming out of hurricane season but the weather never plays by the rules as we know from our time in the Turks and Caicos Islands and experienced a hurricane at the beginning of November. The National Hurricane Centre is another good website for following the weather in the Atlantic:

  3. Vivien Finn says:

    A great relief to know that UV and 7H kept safe during the bad weather. My goodness the weather system on the map is awesome. Thank you for the detailed report, Joanna. Athough the birds are not moving far it is still interesting to read about their day to day movements. Who knows maybe they will over winter where they are?

  4. Sandra Bainbridge says:

    I am fascinated that UV and 7H have stopped where they are. Are these 2 from the same nest but both have Orange 11’s gene’s. This is very interesting and thanks Joanna for the brilliant reporting B&B

    • joannadailey says:

      Both have the Glaslyn grandparents, Sandra, but 7H is 37’s daughter and UV is YA’s son, so they are cousins.

  5. Sandra Bainbridge says:

    Sorry meant to add also Mrs Orange 11

  6. Sandra Bainbridge says:

    Thanks Joanna and how privy you are to have the first Fledged at Glaslyn 37, amazing! and YA what a character last yr. Interesting to see if they stay and do not move South but the weather might have unsettled them. If they stay then it must be in the Genes but far too early just yet.

  7. Sandra Bainbridge says:

    Looking forward to the next report and very interesting.

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