Still nothing much to report

Neither of the juveniles has been exploring new areas over the last few days.

7H has re-visited the Mazagan Beach Club and especially the pond several times. Below is an image of it without lots of red dots! The bright green area is the golf course and beyond that some of the villas with their private pools. The area is on the edge of the whole complex so there should be little human activity to disturb 7H by the water.

An attraction for 7H

An attraction for 7H

The image below highlights two visits each day on 9 and 10 October and an early morning one on 11 October.

There is a lake there somewhere!

There is a lake there somewhere!

On 9 and 10 October 7H spent between 20 and 40 minutes each visit flying around and almost certainly did not fish. On 11 October the fixes were further apart and she possibly did make a catch because she was in the trees by the lake for well over an hour. But she hasn’t been back there since! So maybe not a very tasty breakfast.

7H has spent a bit of time at the coast although there doesn’t seem a close match with any particular tidal time. Today she was sitting on the sand just west of the estuary from 13.13 until 13.31 GMT. Low tide was at 11.02, high tide 17.11, so the water would have been rising. Yesterday she was stationary at the estuary at 08.15, a couple of hours before low tide, so the water level would have been falling. Her favourite area of the river is still her prime fishing spot – on 11 October she was flying quite low along it, down to 12m at 14.05, then she went straight back to one of her daytime roosts for a couple of hours. So possibly a catch. Or maybe just sightseeing!

As predicted, the weather in SW Portugal over the last few days hasn’t been particularly good and UV has done very little. On 9 October over 33mm of rain fell at Sines on the coast and it has been showery since with increasing winds. On Sunday at Sines gusts of 57 kph were recorded and 11mm of rain. It was wet again today. UV moved roosts three times overnight 9/10 October, perhaps a sign of inclement conditions. That is it for anything of note for him!

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3 Responses to Still nothing much to report

  1. thehutts says:

    You are going to have to get out there and chase them South Joanna :) Sally

  2. There’s worse weather to come – do you think that might persuade them to take off South?

    • joannadailey says:

      Possibly, ViV, if fishing becomes difficult. There are some late-season sandstorms in the western Sahara at the moment though, so waiting a bit longer is probably preferable.

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