Update. If the lack of activity merits the title!

7H and UV are still in their respective stopover spots, which may become their wintering grounds at this rate. (That will make them move on!)

On 5 October high tide for Azemmour was at 11.15. 7H was flying near the estuary just before then and landed on a sandbank further inland than on 4 Oct for half an hour after which she went down to her favourite part of the river. A fix of 5m above the water was followed by her heading back to a roost tree. Possibly for lunch!

In the afternoon 7H was sitting at the edge of the estuary again; she was nearer the water as it appears on Google Earth but was probably a similar distance from it to her earlier ‘high tide’ point. In mid afternoon she explored the river south of Azemmour but the fixes didn’t indicate that she caught a fish.

On 6 October 7H visited the estuary  at 09.43 but did not land. She flew along her preferred fishing area then travelled inland to the east before heading south to a bend in the river about 5 km from the estuary. She spent about 30 minutes criss-crossing the area before going north at over 400m to the coast. After flying level with the shore she moved to a small lake on the edge of the Mazagan Beach Resort. She spent about 15 minutes in the area.

The small lake by the Beach Resort

The small lake by the Magazan Beach Resort

The image below shows 7H’s travel on 5 and 6 October. The two circular areas are her 6 October journey. The fixes on the area of the river between the usual haunts and the furthest exploration are her 5 October visit.

7H goes a bit further afield

7H goes a bit further afield

On 7 and 8 October 7H didn’t go far although she visited the beach resort again on Tuesday.

7H visits the resort again

7H visits the resort again

Apart from that excursion it was the usual mixture of roosting, going to the estuary (but with only one short stop on the sandbank on 8 October at 11.21, midway between low and high tidetimes) and flying over her favourite area.

Interestingly the blog has had a hit from Morocco. Is it coincidence? Or has someone seen 7H? Azemmour has about 37000 inhabitants and she must have been seen over her favourite stretch of the river and possibly over the Beach Resort.

Meanwhile in Portugal UV has been doing even less. On 5 October UV stayed on his home patch apart from a visit to a small lake early in the morning. The next day he ventured slightly further afield, exploring a couple of other small lakes, but travelling no more than 30 km in the day. Since then he has been fairly sedentary, as a result of which the fixes even in the 09.00-17.00 period are usually at 20 minute intervals. It was quite wet in the area yesterday and the forecast for the next few days isn’t good for SW Portugal, with a succession of fronts rolling in from the Atlantic. The coast especially will see increasingly strong SW then W winds. (Thanks to Paul for the forecast.) So in all probability UV will stay put, and probably should.



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3 Responses to Update. If the lack of activity merits the title!

  1. Have you thought of a holiday in Morocco?

    • joannadailey says:

      I’m in Morocco and Portugal in my head, ViV! You can bet that if I went out to either place the youngster in question would have moved on the day before. Let’s see where they have their stopover eventually. Then my ‘migratory pull’ may be strong!

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