Day trippers

7H has continued to frequent a small stretch of the Oum Er Rbia near the estuary but she hasn’t landed for any length of time on the eastern side of the river. During her first few days in the area she liked to roost on three groups of trees a few hundred metres inland in the daytime, but recently she has tended to return during the day to one of her overnight roost spots on the west side of the river. The image below shows her activity over approximately 24 hours from the afternoon of 2 October to the afternoon of 3 October. The fixes on the east side were when she was flying and usually she was over 100m high, sometimes over 200m. The image also highlights 7H’s main fishing area, just north of the most populated part of Azemmour.

24 hours of 7H on the Oum  Er Rbia

24 hours of 7H on the Oum Er Rbia

On the night of 3/4 October she roosted at a new spot in the scrub, although she had visited it in the daytime. On 4 October she explored a bit further afield between about 13.00 GMT and 14.30, flying over Azemmour then to the east over a loop of the river. She was mainly over 200m high, at times up to 500m, and she circled a couple of times over agricultural land. At 14.28 she was back at the mouth of the river and landed on the shore for 8 minutes. Just possibly she was on wreck that features in a number of photos, although her altitude was zero. EDIT: she wasn’t on the wreck, that is it (now covered by sand) to the north of 7H. Thanks to Paul for finding it on the historic imagery.

7H on the shore

7H on the shore

The image below shows her day trip.

7H has a change of scene

7H has a change of scene

After his visit to the Barragem do Monte da Rocha on 1 October, when he covered about 200 km during the day, UV had a lazy Thursday only moving from roost to roost. But on Friday and Saturday he was back on the wing with the Barragem do Monte Da Rocha the main area of interest.

On Friday UV had a close look at a small reservoir near Cubeiras on the way to Monte da Rocha. After over half an hour of flying over it he headed straight for Monte da Rocha arriving at about 13.00. He went to the SE inlet and perched on whatever is protruding from the water there. Initial research indicated there may be small islands there but larger ones are shown on Google Earth nearer the dam, and UV’s height is roughly the same as when he is flying over the water. So are there tall structures in the water? As on 1 October he was on two offshore points in the inlet, but he was also stationary in the main body of water near the inlet. It seems an unlikely place for boats to be moored being the furthest place from the road access. A bit puzzling!

Although the fixes were at 1-2 minute intervals they didn’t suggest UV caught a fish – the reservoir holds barbel, carp and bass. By 16.20 UV was heading away from the water although he should have roosted there to save energy because he returned the next day. But first he visited the coast and flew south parallel with the shore for about 20 minutes before heading inland. As he flew east he went very near the Barragem de Santa Clara, where his cousin 7H stopped a couple of weeks ago. UV didn’t detour to it although he must have seen it as he was flying at up to 1350m over the mountains. On his arrival at Monte da Rocha at  just after 14.00 he explored the area near the dam before heading to the SE inlet, but he didn’t stop or fish. By 15.00 he was heading away at height. He had a couple of stops, one near the Barragem da Daroiera which he’d visited on 1 October, and another by a river, the Campilhas. He didn’t appear to fish anywhere although the fixes were less frequent by the time he was on the riverside. He flew about 200 km in the day. Here is an image showing his Monte da Rocha explorations on 3 (mainly the SE inlet) and 4 October.

UV at Monte da Rocha on 3 and 4 Oct

UV at Monte da Rocha on 3 and 4 Oct

And some of his 200 km of flying are in the last image, which also shows the pin for 7H’s roost spot.

UV on 4 October

UV on 4 October

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4 Responses to Day trippers

  1. B&B says:

    Thank you for your updates and oh what magnificent parents the Kielder youngsters and Grand wains. Hope a success for you and you know not a tracking fan but I do wish you and the Ospreys a safe return. Your reporting is brilliant :)

    • joannadailey says:

      Thanks for your comments, B&B. We all hope the Glaslyn genes will work their magic for the Kielder offspring.

      • B&B says:

        I really hope the Glaslyn genes do their magic, awesome Orange 11 and Mrs. They are up the top with 03/97. Really do enjoy your posts and the time and effort you put in. B&B :)

  2. Vivien Finn says:

    Both exploring but returning to regular haunts. Neither seem in any hurry to continue moving south, for the moment. Thank you for all the detailed reports. It ‘s good to know their whereabouts and that they are spending some time exploring. All adds to their experience.

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