7H and UV still at stopovers

Since the last update 7H has continued to frequent the Oum Er Rbia but her range has narrowed somewhat, concentrating on the couple of km from the estuary up the river. The image below demonstrates this and also shows three of her overnight roosts.

7H is highly focussed on the river - this is 30 September travel

7H is highly focussed on the river – this is 30 September travel

A couple of times she has moved in the very early hours from roosts on the north west side of the river.  The roosts are fairly close to houses but she isn’t deterred enough by whatever has caused her to move to completely abandon the lightly wooded area at night. Here is a photo of the view across the river to the edge of that area. The trees she roosts on are usually about 15-20m high, so relatively short compared to the 30m high nest pole at Kielder.

During the day she has been flying up and down along the river for long spells. On 27 and 29 September she was in the air most of the time during approximately 2 hours of the morning period; yesterday morning she spent just under an hour on the wing. Often she is under 20m high. Is she finding it difficult to catch fish? That seems unlikely given she has such a short range. Within that range there are a couple of stretches where she spends most of her time, suggesting she is successful there. She is likely to move south soon whether the fishing (or her ability) is good or not but for the desert crossing it is to be hoped she has replenished her reserves.

UV is still on his Portuguese stopover. He seems to have got into a routine over the last few days and has a day touring then a day of rest. Even though he isn’t travelling more than 120 km or so on his days out, so can hardly be tired! On 28 September he visited several reservoirs. He made thorough aerial explorations of the first two but didn’t appear to fly low and fish. He was mainly over 50m altitude and flying at around 30 kph; he didn’t land at either site. The larger of the two was the Barragem da Daroeira. Here is an image of his time there.

UV checking out the Barragem da Daroeira

UV checking out the Barragem da Daroeira

He left the reservoir at 13.10 GMT and stopped about an hour later at the Barragem de Fonte Cerne.

UV stops at the Barragem da Fonte Cerne

UV stops at the Barragem da Fonte Cerne

He didn’t seem to explore the fishing possibilities on the wing but was stationary by the water for 50 minutes.

His next day trip was on 30 September when he had a brief visit to the coast and over the Barragem de Morgavel where he had stopped on 15 September. This time he only flew over, apparently uninterested in fishing.

Breaking his ‘day on, day off’ habit UV ventured inland on 1 October. His first break was at a small lake for about 20 minutes. The fixes weren’t minute by minute at that point but he didn’t seem to try and fish. He set off again at soon after 11.00 and in the next 70 minutes flew mainly over 550m high, and for a short spell up to 1200m, until 12.20 when he lost height as he approached the Barragem do Monte da Rocha. The photo in the link showing islands was useful – on Google Earth there do not seem to be structures/islands in the reservoir, yet UV was twice on something off shore! Whilst it isn’t so obvious in the image below, his roosts were both 20m or more from the edge of the water.

UV at the Barragem do Monte da Rocha

UV at the Barragem do Monte da Rocha

UV was at the reservoir from 12.23 until about 17.00 with nearly 3 hours of that time stationary. He’s going to know the reservoirs of SW Portugal very well if he stays much longer in the area.

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