7H crossed the Atlantic to Africa yesterday!

News just in, 7H crossed from SW Portugal to Morocco yesterday, flying 430 km over the Atlantic Ocean in around 12 hours.

She roosted in scrub on 20 September, having flown to the Portuguese equivalent of Land’s End then back inland a short way.

On 21 September she may have fished in the sea before setting off to Africa; by 08.49 she was about 10 km off the Portuguese coast. She flew steadily at about 35 kph until 11.45 when she increased her pace, moving at 45-55 kph for much of the rest of her flight, with occasional short slower spells. Landfall must have been about 21.00 because at 21.02 she was stationary just inland, near the Golf Course at Bouznika, south of Rabat. She roosted until this morning when she appeared to fish at sea before heading on.

Well done, 7H, stay strong.

Another sea crossing for 7H

Another sea crossing for 7H

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3 Responses to 7H crossed the Atlantic to Africa yesterday!

  1. Great. An osprey haiku on my blog today. with a plug this one.

  2. Keith Rogers says:

    Thanks Joanna – She seems one sensible osprey taking things easy and doing the hard work when it is favourable conditions. The crossing looked easy for her especially after taking breaks in portugal and feeding up. Now she is in a good position on the coastal side of Africa, I think it could be a difficult crossing if their was a strong easterly wind.
    I am hoping VV is on a break out of range somewhere – problem with these mobile transmitters we never know.

  3. Joyce Rawlings says:


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