7H still heading south in Portugal, slowly. And a bit about UV and VV.

We left 7H at mid morning on Monday when she was fishing on the river Mondego; and that is what she did all day! A panoramic photo here shows she chose a lovely spot; her final roost was to the other side of the bridge but near a similar bend to that in the image.

Back to rural roosts for 7H

Back to rural roosts for 7H

As the osprey flies 7H moved about 25 km but with her trips up and down various stretches of the river she did do more, honest!

A short day spent exploring the river Mondego

A short day spent exploring the river Mondego

On 16 and 17 September she picked up the pace, travelling about 100 km on Tuesday and over 150 km on Wednesday. On Tuesday 7H was on the wing before 08.30 GMT but then stopped on the river for, presumably, breakfast. By 10.00 she was off again for a bout of sustained travel until 13.20. She was flying at about 35 kph much of the time and between 250 and 470m altitude. She crossed the river Soure and had a rest for about 30 minutes; the high number of fixes didn’t suggest she had fished. She had another break in the afternoon, not near water, before reaching her woodland roost for the night about 10 km from the coast and NE of Leiria.

On Wednesday she went off to the coast at about 09.00 then tracked down it at 200-250m mostly, but sometimes lower. She had one short stop until soon after 12.30 when she did one of the ‘gain height, circle round’ manoevres both she and UV have practised. She shifted from a SSW to SW course, flying higher again as she neared Boa Vista then headed SE. She had a spell of high altitude flying (up to 1000m) near Caldas da Rainha with several course tweaks, and once south of there flew towards Lisbon at around 500m. Mostly she was at speeds of 30-35 kph and sometimes faster.

She stopped in trees just before 17.00 near the A10 road, north of Alverca do Ribatejo on the Tejo (Tagus). Not the best view for her!

7H can watch the traffic from her roost

7H can watch the traffic from her roost

7H travel 15-17 Sept

7H travel 15-17 Sept

7H’s cousin UV is still ahead of her; a data download came in as this was in draft. He has spent several days south of Sines in the Setubal peninsula exploring reservoirs and looks like he may stopover for more days yet. There’ll be more on him tomorrow.

We haven’t received any data on VV since 11 September when she was at the edge of the Atlas Mountains. If she has crossed them and the Sahara, which she really should have by the end of today, we should receive an update very soon. Possibly she has found a stopover relatively near her last position in Morocco that is not within range of a mobile phone mast for the data download. In 2011 the Dyfi juvenile Einion had a long stay nearer the Moroccan coast before heading on to Senegal, as have other migrators. But we are longing to hear from her, ring home very soon, VV!


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2 Responses to 7H still heading south in Portugal, slowly. And a bit about UV and VV.

  1. Vivien Finn says:

    Great, 7H is fine, UV is having a relaxing holiday and VV…… get yourself near a mobile phone mast, please.

  2. I’m relieved that 7H at least as discovered how to fish! Thank you Joanna, for the superb detail you give us,

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