UV takes it easy

Since the last update on UV he has continued to travel slowly down the Portuguese coastal area.

On 11 September he left his roost by 09.12 but had a number of stops during the day, usually by a river or pond. He travelled only about 100 km before roosting near Figueira da Foz, a coastal city and industrial centre. When he was flying he was generally moving at between 27 and 37 kph; he has only been significantly faster on his first day of migration and when he crossed to Brittany.

UV roosts near the coast

UV roosts near the coast

On 12 September he was moving by 08.12 and didn’t stop (apart from a 1 minute halt when exploring the river Tejo for 5 minutes) until just after 15.00. He was at the Barragem Salvaterra de Magos and may have fished successfully because he had a 30 minute halt.

UV apparently hunting then in a tree

UV apparently hunting then he went to a tree

UV left the area at 16.00 and went past two small lakes before finding a roost just north of the river Sorraia. He had covered over 150 km, a good day’s travel for him, ending up not far from Lisbon.

UV roosts NE of Lisbon

UV roosts NE of Lisbon

On 13 September UV didn’t set off until about 10.30. He headed towards the coast and reached the estuary of the Sado at Setubal, where there is a Nature Reserve. He flew along the mouth of the river and may have caught a fish from the timings and behaviour.

Was this a successful fishing attempt?

Was this a successful fishing attempt?

Sustained by lunch, perhaps, UV then flew on from 14.12 to 16.04 in a southerly direction. He was mainly at speeds of 27-37 kph again, and around 200m or less altitude over the flat coastal area. He had a half hour stop at a small lake before flying to a roost point in sandy scrub. He was there from just before 18.00 until the last fix early today. He’d covered about 110 km in the day.

UV's route on 13 September

UV’s route on 13 September

The winds in West Portugal have been moderate to fresh and S/SW which may be contributing to UV’s lack of haste. Or maybe he is planning to stay in Iberia rather than head for Africa. Time will tell!


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One Response to UV takes it easy

  1. Vivien Finn says:

    Good to know he’s still on the move south albeit at his own pace.

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