A truly epic crossing of the Bay of Biscay by 7H

There had been no data update on 7H since early on 9 September until today; the reason is now clear, she was having a flight of nearly 39 hours non stop over the Bay of Biscay. How incredible, and what a strong juvenile she must be. EDIT: Actually not under her own steam all the way , after turning to the north and flying around a bit, she must have hitched a lift on a cargo ship heading NE; she possibly only realised she wasn’t on another island when it got light! So deduct 12 hours.

She headed off from the Scillies at 06.55 on 10 September where she had been since just before 15.00 on 9 September. (At the moment there is no data covering her journey there from Wales.)

She headed south, on track for a crossing to the NW of Spain. A very long trip in itself for a juvenile on her fourth day of migration. But at 17.00 she turned round when virtually half way to Spain. EDIT: She flew around mainly moving east or north and then must have boarded a ship; by dawn she had actually passed the NW coast (SW England next stop!) she abandoned ship and headed south  at just before 06.00 on 11 September. An interesting overnight roost!

She eventually made landfall about 35 km west of Aviles at 21.40. Actually, she was on offshore rocks and she stayed on them all night. She had still been flying at 37 kph or more before landing..

There will be more on her stay in the Scillies and on what she did next in another post. For now, just marvel at this journey of over 1200 km. With 250 km of that on a ship, so still nearly 1000 km, albeit not at one go. With thanks to Tiger and Paul especially for getting a blogger on the right track!

7H's fantastic journey

7H’s fantastic journey

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5 Responses to A truly epic crossing of the Bay of Biscay by 7H

  1. That is the most interesting flight yet. Thank you for keeping us up to date. Are all the young away from Kielder now?

  2. joannadailey says:

    Yes, ViV, 7H may have been last to go on 7 September although Nest 3 may have been a day later; they had gone by 9 September.

    Interesting flight and hitched lift! I was so overwhelmed with it reason went out of the window, hence the edits.

  3. Vivien Finn says:

    I ‘ve heard of birds landing on boats in bad weather but 7H an Osprey migrating for the first time has possibly given Kielder a massive publicity coup. I hope one of the crew took a photo and sent it to the press…….and gave her a fish! Seriously what an adventure for her……. for you it must be great to know she is safe especially after not receiving any information. I’m sure you must have been very worried. Great report I look forward to reading more.

  4. Rosie Shields says:

    She must have been seriously hacked off when she discovered that her roost had taken her back north again!!! So glad she made it though.

  5. Tiger says:

    This is a truly fantastic story. How was she to know that her roost was mobile?

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