UV drifts south

The last post on UV saw him roosting on 8/9 September by the River Lima. On 9 and 10 September he drifted slowly down Portugal near the coast, checking out rivers on the way! On Tuesday morning he stayed around the roost area until a fix at 12.52 GMT showed him heading SSW. Generally he was at an altitude of 500m or less and travelling at around 40 kph. He had a fly around the river Cavado between Esposende and Fão for 5 minutes or so but without stopping.

UV makes a high level inspection!

UV makes a high level inspection!

He was at the coastline by 14.18 and under 100m altitude, but returned inland and started to follow the course of the river Ave at 14.41. After an hour in the same spot in late afternoon he flew a bit further along to his overnight roost spot. His travel for the day amounted to about 55 km over around two hours flying!

UV follows the river Ave

UV follows the river Ave

On 10 September UV managed to get going before 09.00 and he headed out over the sea  near Porto before turning inland and flying more or less south until 12.24 when he went back on himself. He climbed from around 500m to over 1100m over the next few minutes as he went north then south again at 12.30. Was he having a look around for a lunch spot? He lost height over the next 20 minutes and was stationary at just 29m altitude at 12.50. He was by water again, a tributary of the Vouga east of Aveiro. And apart from a few short trips in the local area, that was where he roosted overnight. He was still there early today.

He’d flown about 90 km on 10 September; at this rate it will be some weeks before he reaches his wintering grounds!

UV's travel on 10 September

UV’s travel on 10 September


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3 Responses to UV drifts south

  1. Joyce Rawlings says:

    He’s on his holidays!!!

  2. Vivien Finn says:

    Just chilled about it all, manyana will do for UV.

  3. thehutts says:

    He might decide to join the ospreys in Andalucia for the winter. Sally

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