UV lazes about near water. And a preview of a post on VV

A reduced amount of data has come in on UV: maybe that is a result of his reduced activity! Since his long crossing of the Bay of Biscay, even though he showed no signs of flagging in the later stages, he has done very little since arriving in Spain.

As seemed likely in the last update he roosted in the Lagoa de Valverde area on 6 September. He was active locally from 08.40 on Sunday 7 September and started to move south by mid morning. He travelled no more than about 12 km from the fixes but there were only 17 for the day, so he could have done side explorations in his southerly route.

UV’s overnight roost was on a tributary of the Ladra, a river in Galicia.

7 Sept roost by UV

UV’s 7 Sept roost site

On 8 September he had another slow start but by 11.37 he was flying SSW-SW for an apparently sustained period of about six hours, although data points were recorded only every 40 minutes or so. He flew as high as 1300m and at speeds of up to 34 knots although usually less, covering 184 km. He flew into Portugal at about 16.00 and stopped for the night on the banks of the Lima, which flows into the ocean at Viana do Castelo. It looks a reasonable spot from a ground level view across to his roost area!

A nice view from a roost

Looking across to UV’s roost

UV's travel on 7 and 8 September

UV’s travel on 7 and 8 September

Meanwhile sister VV is doing rather more sightseeing. Details in a post tomorrow, but here is where she was yesterday evening! She has always shown a lot of determination, well done her.

VV chooses a short crossing to N Africa

VV chooses a short crossing to N Africa

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2 Responses to UV lazes about near water. And a preview of a post on VV

  1. Vivien Finn says:

    Great to have all this information Joanna, thank you. You must be burning the midnight oil. Both birds flying strong and long when they choose to do so.

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