UV crosses the Bay of Biscay

On 5 September UV faced his biggest challenge to date – a trip across the Bay of Biscay.

He was on his way from his overnight roost by 08.49 GMT, flying more or less in a southerly direction. He stopped for a while in a large wood but was on the coast near Lorient by 11.29, and carried on out to sea. He took a longer journey than his sister VV in both distance and rate of travel. Mostly he was flying at around 37 kph and at an altitude of 175-200m in roughly a SSW direction. At 00.50 on 6 September he made landfall and stopped to roost, although his speed/height hadn’t indicated he was flagging.

A long flight for UV

A long flight for UV

A big achievement for UV, flying 609 km over water and for over 4 hours by star and moon light. His route was fairly similar to 8A from the Lake District a few days earlier. 8A took about three hours less to cross the Bay.

UV’s overnight roost was between Viveiro and Cervo near the Punta de Morás.

Overnight roost 5/6 September

Overnight roost 5/6 September

On 6 September UV left that area in the early morning moving slowly south, stopping in wooded areas. He was flying at up to 600m altitude, but at 37 kph or less.

By 12.55 he’d travelled a mere 60 km from his start point. He spent the afternoon in the Lagoa de Valverde area, but no surprise why! He was still there at 17.30, the last fix.

UV spends an afternoon lazing

UV spends an afternoon lazing near water


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5 Responses to UV crosses the Bay of Biscay

  1. Joyce Rawlings says:

    Phew..I can relax a bit now!!! Bless them all on their journeys…x

  2. These maps are fabulous – how wonderful to be able to follow their journeys like this. Thank you Joanna for putting it all together.

  3. Keith Rogers says:

    Thanks Joanna – So far so good – both VV and UV decide to cross the Bay of Biscay and both safely accross it.
    JOYCE – I hope your nerves hold up on these roller coaster journeys especially having watched them all summer – wonder which route 7H may take.

  4. Vivien Finn says:

    Relieved that both have safely crossed the Bay of Biscay.

  5. pennyandjed says:

    This has been magical to follow thank you so much

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