On she goes!

Since the last update on VV’s migration we have learned that she was photographed off Portland Bill by the Portland Bill Observatory! Comparison of her flight times and the time the photograph was taken leaves no doubt that it was her. Many thanks to Linda for alerting Martin at the Observatory, and us, to the likelihood. Here is a link to the photo. At the time it would have appeared she was heading for France, and as the map in the previous blog shows, she did head out to sea for a while. The winds were easterly in Dorset although not particularly strong – did she sense she might be blown too far west, did she just not feel strong enough? Or was she just exploring for a while before heading back onshore? We’ll never know.

Thanks to a comment on the last post by James we now know that she flew over the Lulworth area during live firing. Just as well the data download didn’t stop when she was over that area!

Last night VV flew inland and roosted not far from the famous White Horse.

A roost with a view

A roost with a view

Today she set off sometime between 06.59 GMT and 07.39 GMT (the blog will switch to GMT and metric measurement from now) when she was flying back towards Lulworth.

At 08.52 GMT she headed south and was out over the sea again, this time she did not stop. By 11.00 she was passing Guernsey then at 12.17 Jersey, mainly between 25 and 30 knots (46 kph, or nearly 29 mph). She powered on, not stopping although she clipped the edge of the land a couple of times.

At 13.26 and at 29 knots she was just off the French coast NNE of St Malo, which she was flying over a few minutes later on the last fix. A journey of around 217 km, 137 miles.

VV crosses into France

VV crosses into France

The wind was still an easterly but light, she could have made landfall on the Cotentin peninsula where long term blog follower ‘Viv in France’ was ready and waiting! There have been no stops to fish along the route yet. But she has had chances to land if necessary and is making progress, if slower and less dramatic than some migrating juveniles for example the Aberfoyle and Lake District ospreys.


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8 Responses to On she goes!

  1. Not far from us as the crow flies (we can see Jersey from our nearest beach) but not near enough to see. I hope she’s not too hungry, as it’s a long time to go without food. Thanks for the map and update.

  2. joannadailey says:

    Sorry you didn’t get to see her, ViV, maybe the next one from Kielder…. The juveniles often go several days before they appear to feel the need to refuel, she looked fine in the photo, she is flying well, so try not to worry. Who am I to talk?!

  3. didactylobs says:

    Brilliant – this is so gripping as we watch her and hopefully the others.

  4. Tiger says:

    Seems like a textbook migration so far. No need to worry at all.

    • joannadailey says:

      Even if it is, Tiger, I’ve watched her from hatching as a tiny scrap to being a bit of a bully very capable of holding her own, but all the same I worry about her!

  5. thehutts says:

    Well done VV and great reporting Joanna. Sally

  6. joannadailey says:

    Thanks, Sally. More tomorrow!

  7. Wish them all the best of luck, I feel so lucky to live in Falstone, where I can go and view the nests on screen whenever I like and have also been lucky enough to see Ospreys Live on 2 occasions when out and about. Three nests this year, maybe more next year.

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