Blue VV slows down, but has been to the seaside today!

After her 250 mile first day of migration Blue VV took it easy yesterday, 1 September. She only covered about 24 miles in the day, spending a long time in the farmland near her roost tree NE of Banbury and where a tributary of the River Cherwell flows, but there is no evidence that she attempted to fish. However, fixes were mainly 40 minutes apart much of the time. She ended the day in more farmland just north of Oxford, initially in a copse before roosting on top of a large electricity pylon!

A short trip from Northants to near Oxford on 1 Sept

A short trip from Northants to near Oxford on 1 Sept

Today, 2 September, was more exciting. Blue VV had a late start, not moving away from the general area around the pylon until 09.12 BST. Then she was flying SSW at 23 knots, about 26 mph, speeding up quite often to over 30 knots as she flew on. Fixes were at 1-3 minute intervals until after 17.00. By 11.12 she was crossing into Berkshire, then into Wiltshire by noon. She crossed briefly into Hampshire before flying west of Salisbury and on into Dorset at 13.18.

By 14.51 she was on the coast, near Lulworth Cove. She flew along the coast and out to sea!

Blue VV sees the sea for the first time

Blue VV sees the sea for the first time

As you can see, she had an exploration over the water, and may well have been the osprey reported on Bird Guides as flying south of Portland Bill this afternoon – she was there at 15.36.

By 17.00 she was inland and in a copse. She was still there just before 18.00 when the last data was received. On the map below a number of fixes have been removed for late afternoon, so the trail ends some distance from her possible overnight roost area.

VV's 1-2 September travel

VV’s 1-2 September travel

What will she do tomorrow? Often ospreys stay for a while on the south coast. Will she do this, or does France (presumably!) beckon?


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7 Responses to Blue VV slows down, but has been to the seaside today!

  1. Keith Rogers says:

    Take it slow and easy but get there safely – again excellent progress.

  2. amy riley says:

    Safe journey VV x

  3. So it could be a few days before she passes over my head, but I’ll keep looking. It’s foggy here this morning, so perhaps she’ll stay a bit longer on the other side of the Channel.

  4. James Gale says:

    Such a privilege to have VV pass us at Lulworth yesterday. She took a risk flying straight through Lulworth gunnery ranges during live firing though! We wish her well and a safe return in a couple of years.

    • joannadailey says:

      James, phew, thank goodness I didn’t know about the live firing at the time! Let’s hope VV’s luck continues, and thanks for getting in touch.

  5. Vivien Finn says:

    Crikey! Blue VV doesn’t do anything by half, roosting on an electricity pylon and flying over a firing range. A real character, I’m delighted she has crossed to France.

  6. joannadailey says:

    Relief all round, Vivien! She always was a determined Osprey, but dodging bullets added to her repertoire!

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