A Scottish Visitor

On 27 August Nest 2 had a brief call from a Scottish osprey.

Blue 7H and Blue 8H were both mantling and screaming when a pair of legs came into view on the nest edge.

Blue 69 drops in to Nest 2 (c) Forestry Commission England

Blue 69 drops in to Nest 2
(c) Forestry Commission England

Although only on the nest a couple of seconds the Darvic number, Blue 69, was clear. Blue 69 is male, a 2011 osprey who was ringed at Loch Lomond. Many thanks to Roy Dennis and David Anderson for the information.

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4 Responses to A Scottish Visitor

  1. Joyce Rawlings says:

    Great, a Scots visitor. I presume they don’t go onto other nests if they already have their own….or was it a social call?

  2. joannadailey says:

    As a three year old I imagine he was checking out prospective nest sites on his way south, Joyce. But ospreys with a nest can be curious too!

  3. Keith Rogers says:

    It is great not only for your cameras to follow progress with Nest 2 but able to capture birds like this and know they have returned. I went to a meeting with David before the season started and we discussed wee cameras in nests (Trap Cameras) that can capture these leg rings and think his own FC had sponsored this.
    Visitors like this although intruders are absolute essential to spread natural colonisation.

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