Thanks for the Season’s Dedication

Joanna Receiving her Present

Joanna Receiving her Present

The Forestry Commission wanted to recognise the exceptional dedication of Joanna Dailey to the Kielder Ospreys this season so we had a surprise presentation at the Castle.

Joanna has spent hours monitoring the nestcams from which she has produced an amazing record of the behaviour of the ospreys on the 2 nests as illustrated by her blog posts.  She has also promoted the Kielder ospreys to the visiting public and made links with other osprey projects around the UK and beyond.

It has been an exceptional year as 8 chicks have fledged from 3 nests.  Joanna also dedicated her time to ensure that the ospreys on nest 3 were protected.

Joanna thought she was coming to an osprey meeting and was so surprised at the reception that was waiting for her.  She was presented with a framed photo and of course there had to be an osprey cake.

The cake

The cake

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10 Responses to Thanks for the Season’s Dedication

  1. Absolutely well deserved. She is meticulous beyond the norm.

  2. joannadailey says:

    The event was a complete surprise – I was lured away to a Nest 3 monitoring session whilst preparations were made – and an exceptionally touching gesture by the FC. It is a real privilege to watch the ospreys’ behaviour and to try and encapsulate that to share with others. And it is very special being in the field monitoring a nest, you (or I!) feel at one with the ospreys, even though the level of detail seen is less than on a nestcam.

    This season has been outstanding with 3 nests now established in Kielder Forest, a 2012 male returner seen in Co Durham and the first known Kielder ‘grandchicks’ at Foulshaw Moss. Joy for me. No further reward needed but nevertheless much appreciated.

  3. Tiger Mozone says:

    The dedication that Joanna has shown to the Kielder Osprey Project has been truly exceptional. She has produced interesting blogs at an incredible rate. The ospreys have played their part too by producing surprise after surprise firstly in a delayed hatching and then in incredibly big healthy chicks and also a third nest.

    But the season is far from finished. We get the pleasure of following three of the juvenile ospreys fly south. Joanna my not be flying with them but I am sure she will be flying with them in spirit.

    I feel sure that young ospreys carrying the genes of 11 (98) will do incredibly well.

  4. Greg Sanders says:

    This has been an excellent year, and the blog has really been enlightning- thanks for putting so much effort it- it has been appreciated by many!
    Looking forward to next year!

  5. Keith Rogers says:

    And a big THANK YOU from myself. Kielder gets better and better every day. I said to you last season how do we surpass 2013 well 2014 did.
    Again Thank you for your dedication and all the other volunteers who turn out for Osprey Watch.

    • thehutts says:

      Apologies for my omission. I should have also thanked all the other volunteers who turn out in all weathers and have great patience with the visiting public at Leaplish Waterside Park inspiring new ospreyaholics. Sally

  6. Joyce Rawlings says:

    I think I speak on behalf of all the volunteers – “Its a pleasure!!”” We love doing it and suffer with ‘osprey deficiency’ (same as SAD) once the season ends….and long for Spring. This is a lovely picture of Joanna – look how happy she is!! And well done Joanna you are a star!!

  7. Vivien Finn says:

    Your blogs are a joy to read Joanna, I always look forward to reading the next one. Your care for the Kielder ospreys and dedication and enthusiasm for the project, are a credit to you. What a lovely surprise and thoughtful presentation in recognition of every hour spent dedicated to the conservation and protection of the Ospreys at Kielder. I’m delighted for you and wish you many more happy osprey hours during 2015.

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