Visitors to Nest 1

Very different visitors have been spotted on Nest 1 over the last couple of days.

On Thursday two redstarts spent 20 minutes or so flitting around the nest when the osprey family were elsewhere. They were possibly a female and a juvenile, or perhaps both juveniles, and they put on a colourful display.

Two redstarts flit around Nest 1 (c) Forestry Commission England

Two redstarts flit around Nest 1
(c) Forestry Commission England

On Friday at just after 11.30 YA landed with a fish. Blue VT took it. YA flew away as a female landed from the other side of the nest. But it wasn’t Mrs YA! The intruder wandered around the nest as Blue VT screamed and half mantled over her fish. YA didn’t return. She looked at home and quite familiar – very like the first female to land on Nest 1 this year, referred to as 26/3 female, and who YA mated with before Mrs YA returned from migration. Mrs YA can’t have been near the nest and initially we wondered if she had left on her migration, but she turned up at 15.10. Here are some images of the recent intruder and 26/3 female. What do you think?!

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One Response to Visitors to Nest 1

  1. Rosie Shields says:

    Could well be! She looks a little plumper than she did on 26 Mar, not surprisingly.

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