Nest 3 update

A visit to Nest 3 is always a treat. On the way there today a fox was just visible in the heather on the clear fell, a head or sometimes just glimpses of ears. But the meadow pipit ‘evacuations’ allowed his progress to be tracked.

Once set up at the monitoring point the adult and juvenile females were both visible on the nest. No sign of the other two in the surrounding area. After a while the adult male flew in, and the adult female left almost immediately. The juvenile female Blue VL started eating after a few minutes although the fish was almost certainly on the nest already. A pair of buzzards floated across the nest area very high overhead. The male looked up at them but saw no threat to chase away and stayed with his daughter. She finished eating and cleaned her beak on some bark; the male took off.

The Nest 3 male fliesoff leaving Blue VL alone on the nest (c) Joanna Dailey

The Nest 3 male flies off leaving Blue VL alone on the nest
(c) Joanna Dailey

A few minutes later Blue VL left the nest also, much more confidently than last week, flying over trees to the right of the nest before disappearing behind them.

Blue VL leaves soon after her father (c) Joanna Dailey

Blue VL leaves soon after her father
(c) Joanna Dailey

No sign of the young male Blue VK, but no reason for concern either. Nothing happened really, but great to observe. Apologies for the not very good images.

On the way out three roe deer grazed on a small open area at the forest edge. They loped away at the sight of a human. Even one who loves watching wildlife!


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One Response to Nest 3 update

  1. Vivien Finn says:

    A lovely Nest 3 report, Joanna. Looks so peaceful up there. No wonder the wildlife like the area.

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