Osprey Watch Report: 6 August

What a shower!  We could not set up straight away, as it was raining determinedly, but managed to set up scopes just after 11.am. However, we had to bring everything in within about 20 minutes as we had such a lot of rain. A couple from Walsall stood with the three of us under the sun (!) brolly and chatted ospreys quite happily, as occasional streams of water sluiced down our necks. When they went off we headed for cover until the situation improved. The weather was very changeable all day, and the only time we tried to have tea and coffee, it was soaked in the rain as well. We must have taken everything in and out at least three times.

Blue VT takes off with a fish (c) Forestry Commission England

Blue VT takes off with a big fish, no mean feat after  10 days in the air
(c) Forestry Commission England

The ospreys could be seen from time to time, both on the nest and on the camera pole. We were also able to see a fly past by two of them, going in different directions in the afternoon. This took place behind the nest, from our viewpoint. They are obviously completely at ease in the air now.

In spite of the ‘on/off’ weather, we had over 90 visitors, who were very enthusiastic about seeing the nest, and the pictures from the files. They were amazed at how fast the chicks have grown, and how much they can do for themselves now.

One of many decent catches this year (c) Forestry Commission England

One of many decent catches this year by Glaslyn born YA
(c) Forestry Commission England

One man, a retired teacher, was thrilled to see the ospreys, and said that he had always wanted to see them, ever since he had taught Shakespeare in school, and even produced ‘Coriolanus’ himself. The quotation that inspired him is from Act 4 Scene 7, where Aufidius says “I think he’ll be to Rome as is the osprey to the fish, who takes it by sovereignty of nature.” What a fantastic quote to share with us! We wanted to share it with others who may not know it. We had visitors from Lichfield, Cheshire, Cumbria, Broadway in the Cotswolds and Seaham Harbour, and many other places.  One couple from Wales were going to go back and boast to their friends, who have a house overlooking Glaslyn, that they have seen some of the ex-Glaslyn ospreys at Kielder.   Many interesting, and interested, children and teenagers visited us, too, with many searching questions and valid observations. We all enjoyed our day in spite of the weather, and are looking forward to the return of our ospreys next year.

Derek, Ian and Gillie

Blue VV races in to try and grab a new fish (c) Forestry Commission England

Blue VV races in to try and grab a new fish
(c) Forestry Commission England

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