Osprey Watch Report: Wednesday 30 July

With the live stream not working all our observations were from the scopes. We were set up early; it was a misty and blustery start to the day with some strong gusts which even took our large parasol out of its base and floated it over the fence in an upright position, landing on the other side. There was a moment of panic from me as I thought we may never see it again!

Blue UV has had enough so Blue VT steps in (c) Forestry Commission England

Blue UV has had enough so Blue VT steps in
(c) Forestry Commission England

Mid morning we could make out a bird on the nest pole and during the day we saw various positions from various birds including the nest, camera pole, trees to the left, and many, many flappings from the side of the nest which caused great joy to all who came to view. There were a few fly pasts around the nest too. The fledglings are ever hopeful of food from the parents!

Blue VV exercises despite wind and rain (c) Forestry Commission England

Blue VV exercises despite wind and rain
(c) Forestry Commission England

Much flapping from the nest throughout the whole day shows they are still exercising their wings, important for the long journey to West Africa… the ‘M’ word is both loved and dreaded by we Osprey lovers, of course!!!

Other species seen included our usual rabbits and a flotilla of Mallards. An Oystercatcher was seen but we noted that they are down in numbers this year compared to previous years. En route home, a few miles from the reservoir heading east, I saw a Red Kite.

The sun did get out occasionally (as did the rain) and we had a steady stream of 148 throughout the day from Leicester, Northampton, Bristol and Devon to name but a few locations. Some visitors were new to Ospreys but left as experts and some were experts thirsting for more, and amazed that 14 Ospreys,comprising 8 youngsters and 6 adults, will leave Kielder in a few weeks. Our contribution to the Osprey population is impressive.

Many children came to view the Ospreys through the scopes and I am always stunned by the real interest as witnessed by the ‘in depth’ questioning. Harry 1 spent considerable time looking through our books on Nest 1 and Nest 2, devouring the knowledge and asking all the right questions. Harry 2 returned time and time again to look through the scopes and watch the video loop of the fledges. Just as excited every time.

Osprey Watch will finish on 10 August (boo-hoo) so if you want to get your Osprey fix before the ‘M’ word happens we are open next Wednesday and all Saturdays and Sundays till that date!

Margaret, Chris and Joyce






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