Nest 3: the press release

Here is the press release announcing the news about the successful Nest 3. And another exciting development for Kielder.

It is with especial delight that it can be revealed that a third osprey nest at Kielder Forest and Water Park now has chicks.

In 2011 Kielder Water and Forest Park hailed a conservation success story because a second pair of ospreys had bred – At that time the only location in England where two pairs of this rare bird had bred so close to each other

This natural re-colonisation occurred after an absence of over 170 years. Now there are three pairs, a new record.

For a couple of seasons an artificial nest platform erected by the Forestry Commission had attracted a pair of ospreys. Everything seemed to be progressing towards successful breeding in 2013, but for unknown reasons no eggs were laid. This year it has been a different story. Mating was observed during April and the female was seen incubating thereafter. By mid June it was confirmed that there were chicks on the nest, with the male osprey bringing in fish to the nest for the young whilst the female fed and protected the chicks.

And with the other two well established nests having six healthy chicks between them, everything is on track for a record number of chicks to fly away from Kielder on their long migration to Africa in September.

Tom Dearnley, Forestry Commission Ecologist said

“This is fantastic news, the Kielder ospreys continue to go from strength to strength, thanks to the natural environment of Kielder, work of the Wildlife Rangers to provide safe nest locations and superb volunteers.

We are also delighted to announce that thanks to several generous donations, we will be able to find out much more about our ospreys after they leave Northumberland as we will be fitting three young birds with GSM transmitters. These tiny ‘backpacks’ communicate with the mobile phone network and tell us where the birds are year round.”

Here is a blurry digiscoped shot from a recent check on Nest 3, when the male brought a fish and this time the female fed the chicks.

The male landing with a meal for the family (c) Joanna Dailey

The male landing with a meal for the family
(c) Joanna Dailey


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3 Responses to Nest 3: the press release

  1. Keith Rogers says:

    KIELDER has to be the biggest success story in recent years with regard to ospreys – well done to the entire team.

  2. Greg Sanders says:

    Brilliant news- knew it would be only a matter of time!
    keep up the good work all!

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