No sign of hatching yet

A second lovely day at Kielder on Sunday, and for Nest 1 it was the 38th day since the first egg was laid, so high hopes of a hatch. Not to be by the time Kielder Castle Cafe closed, unfortunately. The weather is due to get cooler and more showery, so that good headstart we’d wanted for at least one chick is now an unfulfilled wish!

On Nest 1 Mrs YA was incubating when the nestcam stream began and she was uninterested when YA brought a fish to the nest at 10.00. Did this mean something was hatching beneath her? No, because when she turned the eggs no indications of imminent hatching were visible. Although on Sunday it was hard to see every egg at times because both ospreys moved moss and or a stick which hid their nestcup area from the camera! At around 10.30 YA, who had been in a tree near the nest, came down with the fish and this time Mrs YA flew off with it. YA incubated several more times during the day, a clue that hatching was not imminent. The chaffinch gathered some more feathers for her own nest, there were a couple more intruder incidents, a fish delivery in the afternoon but nothing else of note. YA yawned at times when incubating it was that sort of day!

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Over at Nest 2 Mrs 37 did most of the incubating and there were no signs of cracks in the eggs. There was a comical time in the afternoon when 37 was fidgeting with moss and threw a bit over onto his back, where it stayed until Mrs 37 came back to take over. A few of 37’s feathers look a bit ragged as can be seen in the image with the moss adornment.

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