Ospreys and other sights in Kielder Water and Forest Park!

The weather over the last few days hasn’t been as wet as forecast, but there have been some very heavy showers or longer spells of rain. The ospreys on Nest 1 have been dedicated incubators during this time. On Friday there was quite a bit of swopping in the morning but Mrs YA did about 3 hours in the afternoon, some of that in the rain. On Saturday YA did his fair share of incubating, often showing no desire to leave when Mrs YA landed. So on one visit at lunchtime she just messed around with a piece of bark, wafting it past YA’s head several times, then left him to the egg sitting. Later she was a very soggy bird indeed as the rain became relentless.

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When it wasn’t wet it was often very pleasant, with warm sunshine at times. The Spring growth is showing off the landscape well. One good viewpoint is Kielder Viaduct, which was built in 1862 to carry passengers between Hexham and Scotland and to service the mining and quarrying in the area. The line closed in 1958. Ten years ago a series of wrought iron panels using designs from local people were placed on the Viaduct, and recently a ceremony commemorated the event. The Viaduct is now part of the Lakeside Way, a 26 mile multi-user trail which encircles Kielder Water. There is an interesting short video about the Viaduct here, with some more facts.

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On the Lakeside Way plenty of Spring flowers brighten a walk.  And the conifers are putting on a great show, really weighed down with developing cones. It promises to be a good winter for crossbills!

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3 Responses to Ospreys and other sights in Kielder Water and Forest Park!

  1. A beautiful post. Thank you, Joanna.

  2. joannadailey says:

    Thanks, ViV. I hope you watched the video in the link about the Viaduct history – your daughter gets a mention in the credits!

  3. thehutts says:

    Lovely photos of the viaduct and flowers Joanna. It was hectic today at the Castle with Vintage and Classic cars on show in the main car park so I didn’t have much time to watch the ospreys but both adults were about at teatime and the weather wasn’t bad apart from a hailstorm in the afternoon. Check out facebook for photos of classic and vintage vehicles:


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