Third Egg for Nest 1

No third egg was visible by the end of camera streaming from Nest 1 on Thursday. On Friday morning, Mrs YA was incubating. She stood up about 09.30 and it looked as though there might be a third egg; two Rangers agreed we couldn’t be sure.

But at just after 10.30 when she got up to shuffle them it was clear a third and paler egg was nestled with the first two. So it was laid between 17.00 on 1 May and this morning at 09.30.

The third egg is the paler one (c) Forestry Commission England

The third egg is visible
(c) Forestry Commission England

Probably this is the full clutch.

On Nest 2, the Ranger saw Mrs 37 tight on her egg(s) yesterday in the rain. Egg-citing times!

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2 Responses to Third Egg for Nest 1

  1. Let’s hope all 3 hatch and survive.

  2. Vivien Finn says:

    Great news and congratulations on 3rd egg for Ya and mate on Nest 1. I’m really pleased for all at Kielder Ospreys. :)

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