Great news from Cumbria!

Regular readers may remember that last summer we learnt that Blue 35, a female born in 2010 on Kielder Nest 1 to the original breeding pair on that nest, had a failed nesting attempt at Foulshaw Moss in South Cumbria. This is a Cumbria Wildlife Trust reserve. Here is a link to a blog CWT have set up; Blue 35 is back and has a different male to last year. That male was unringed, this year she is with White YW, a 2008 born Bassenthwaite osprey. So keeping it in the Forestry Commission  North England region family!

Here’s hoping there is news of the first known Kielder ‘grandchild’ this year.

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5 Responses to Great news from Cumbria!

  1. Does anyone know how many Kielder ospreys there are in various sites?

    • thehutts says:

      We keep records when we hear of any. This is the only one we know about this year. Blue 38 (born 2011 on Nest 2) was seen in North Yorkshire last year. Sally

  2. Vivien Finn says:

    I very much hope that a Kielder grandchick will chip it’s way into the world this year,and be the first of many to do so in future years. Fingers crossed.

  3. joannadailey says:

    Yes, Vivien, it will be great if Blue 35 raises young this year. The latest photo on the CWT blog shows what looks like incubation. Fingers crossed indeed!

  4. Patricia Selman says:

    How exciting!

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