A video of the Aberfoyle female who visited Nest 1

Not much happened at Kielder on Monday, especially compared to Dyfi and Rutland in particular.

Here is a short video showing the Aberfoyle female Blue HV moments after she landed on Friday. And YA’s initial reaction.

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4 Responses to A video of the Aberfoyle female who visited Nest 1

  1. I saw an Osprey flying near Bellingham Monday 14th afternoon at around 4.30pm. It glided around on a thermal for a few minutes above us over Dunterley fell near Bellingham, before flying very powerfully towards Kielder, would this bird have been arriving after a long flight, or do they fly this far from the reservoir?
    First sightings a few years ago that we had of Osprey in Wark Forest were really exciting, we saw a pair exploring the Blacka burn valley, they landing close by us on telegraph poles before flying off in Kielder direction. Thought we must have been very lucky as we had never seen an Osprey before, then later that week we read in local paper that ‘Osprey had returned to Kielder for first time in many years’!

    • joannadailey says:

      Steph and Tim, you’ve had some great sightings there! The one on 14th April could well be a migrating bird although you can’t rule out a Kielder resident hunting further afield. That is less likely in good weather when fish would be relatively easy to catch at Kielder, so I’d plump for an osprey returning to Scotland. Interestingly two satellite tagged ospreys from the Highlands past over Kielder Forest in the last few days, but the timings don’t fit with your sighting. And we’ve had other Scottish intruders as recently as last Friday. Keep looking, and let us know if you spot any more.

  2. Andrew Young says:

    Hello Gents

    I am 90% sure I spotted two if not three on the thermals moving approximately southwest to north east at about 1 pm on Tuesday 15 April over Alnham (NE66 4TL). There was a buzzard in the area at the time which is why i am unsure about the third bird; by the time i got my binoculars i could only find one bird but it had narrower wings than other birds of prey i have seem and black round the ends of the wings appearing white back towards the body of the bird. Do you think that i am correct in my identification?

    regards Andrew Young

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