Empty nest syndrome

The good news is that Forestry Commission Radio Branch fixed the streaming problem from the nests to Kielder Castle today, many thanks to them for their work and their briefing about recording etc. The ‘bad’ news is that monitoring the cams confirmed the field observation findings over the last few days – no Kielder ospreys home yet. However, it is still very early in the season and if an osprey had been spotted it would have been the earliest recorded returning Kielder osprey.

Visitors to Kielder Castle Cafe were interested in seeing even empty nests and learning about the history of ospreys at Kielder. Those who were walking or cycling around Kielder Water after their break promised to keep their eyes peeled, and to let us know if they saw an osprey.

The live streaming is from 10.00 until 17.00 each day; what will tomorrow bring?

Here are images from today.  You can see the difference in the nests. Yellow 37 from Nest 2 works hard at rebuilding each year; he has quite a bit to get on with when he arrives!

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One Response to Empty nest syndrome

  1. Fingers getting cramp from being crossed so long!

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