One des res waiting for absent owners to return

The nestcam is up and running on Nest 1 at Kielder, as is the ‘long shot’ camera for that site.  The solar panels need a good charge and there are only a few hours of streaming a day at present. Visitors to Kielder Castle Cafe can check the cameras out although the screen is mostly on the bird and red squirrel feeders. Nothing landed on the osprey nest during checks today, not even a pesky crow!

A highly des res with lake views and a soft mossy floor. (c) Forestry Commission England

A highly des res with lake views and a soft mossy floor.
(c) Forestry Commission England

Regular readers will see that there is rather more comfort than White YA provided for his family last year. Thanks to the Forestry Commission there is lots of new insulating material around the sides of the nest and a lovely mossy centre. And with that lake view, YA should be hurrying home before a passing osprey takes a fancy!

There are a handful of UK osprey sightings being reported every day now. Apparently there are more at this stage than in any of the last four years. Some may be heading to Scandinavia. An osprey has already been seen near Gothenburg in Sweden, an early bird. Most UK ospreys will arrive at their nests in late March or early April although some – often including the Kielder males’ parents at Glaslyn in Wales – arrive a week or so earlier. So excitement builds!

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13 Responses to One des res waiting for absent owners to return

  1. KEITH ROGERS says:

    The nest is looking good – All we need now is White YA to return and his partner – I understand he took a wee while to decide which female to keep last year.
    All the best for the 2014 seasion and if this season is half as exciting as Kielder 2013 we will be all pleased.

  2. 1935peter says:

    The excitement builds. Thank you for the updates.

    A Red Tailed Hawk is perching in the massive Oak in our back garden

    During the week a Bald Eagle gracefully soared over our house.


  3. Joyce Rawlings says:

    Wow who wouldn’t resist this des res !!? 5* hotel. Well done Forestry Commission!

  4. Greg Sanders says:

    Looking good!- cant wait for the season to get started!

  5. Sandra Bainbridge says:

    I am not sure but think White YA will not be able to get in the nets at Blagdon lakes. I have read something that he will not be able to get into them. Is it yellow 38 and first born at Glaslyn. Last year so exciting for Kielder and Glaslyn. Lets hope another good season and so exciting that 2 Glaslyn males breeding at Kielder. Hope they all return safely.

  6. Terrific makeover – I love the mossy middle. Come on YA – I’m looking out for you.

  7. Tiger Mozone says:

    This time last year we talking about White YA in a magazine (page 73 of the Spring edition of the RSPB magazine, spring edition. Strange thing was that the bird in the picture had a tracker and we knew that White YA never had a tracker.

    Then a certain erudite lady pointed out that it was not White YA at all. It was a picture of Nethy (White YA) the Loch Garten juvenile from 2008 but the picture had been transposed. So poor old White YA had to go back to being dead.

    However a bird with a white ring on right leg was reported at Blagdon lake. There was fierce debate as to which osprey it would prove to be on the night of Monday 25 March 2013. On the morning of the 26 March it was revealed that the bird in question was White YA back from the “dead” and he liked getting caught up in nets.

    We just had to visit Kielder to see him in the feather this most charismatic osprey. In July we did just that in roasting hot weather and so enjoyed the visit. Kielder had arrived on the must visit osprey sites.

    Hope the season is half as exciting as last year and it will be fantastic.

  8. Tiger Mozone says:

    Well before anyone says it Nethy is of course White AY not White YA as I stated earlier. Just to prove that there is a picture of nethy at

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