First UK osprey sighting of 2014 – reported at Kielder!

The birding website BirdGuides reported a sighting at Kielder at 13.00 on 25 February. The first in the UK. Apparently an osprey was seen for 10 minutes over the forest at the Bakethin end of Kielder Water.  The Rangers haven’t seen an osprey yet.

Then on 26 February BirdGuides had another sighting in Northumberland, about 50 miles to the east of Kielder at East Chevington, a Northumberland Wildlife Trust Reserve. This was at 11.00 and the osprey was flying north.

It is extremely early for any ospreys to be sighted.  UK adults with satellite tags are still in their wintering grounds this week. The two sightings may be of the same bird and it could be a Scandinavian or possibly Scottish osprey en route. Let’s hope there isn’t a really cold spell or any ospreys around could find feeding difficult. Edit: probably not the same bird as at sometime soon after 14.00 on 26 February an osprey was seen making an unsuccessful fishing attempt near Bakethin. See the Comments for the previous post for the sighting details.

Below is a map by Sally of the two sightings on BirdGuides.

BIRDGUIDES Osprey Sightings February 2014

BIRDGUIDES Osprey Sightings February 2014

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6 Responses to First UK osprey sighting of 2014 – reported at Kielder!

  1. Joyce Rawlings says:

    Double WOW!!! – Are they really sure???????? Its SOOOOOOOO early…..

  2. joannadailey says:

    BirdGuides will have checked the info as far as possible, Joyce. An occasional osprey is seen most years in late February somewhere in the UK. Probably Scandinavian. Famous last words, but it is unlikely to be a Kielder resident. Never say never! Fishing will be tough over the next few days, colder and windy, so I hope any ospreys in the northern UK will be OK.

  3. paul hilton says:

    question members of my fishing club report seeing an osprey on several occasions, bolton bury border, is this likely.

    • joannadailey says:

      Paul, you’ve asked the question on a post in February which is a very unusual time to see ospreys in the UK, but I assume your club members are seeing an osprey now. At this time – mid May – returning ospreys who are non-breeding (still young, not paired up) are looking for suitable nesting sites and/or partners. An osprey has been around the Derwent Reservoir in County Durham for a week or so, for example, and a 2012 hatched osprey from Rutland Water has been at a site in Essex for a few days. So there could well be an osprey in your area. Any photos welcome!

      • paul hilton says:

        Thanks for a prompt reply, since the question was asked a second sighting in the Irwell valley as been reported. A reported sighting in 2012 was kept private due to disbelief! The recent bird was described as juvenile and rather scruffy but taking fish from the slow section of river. Any further info will be passed on. Photos when available!!!

  4. joannadailey says:

    Thanks for the info, Paul. Good luck to the spotters!

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