More on Blue 1H in Senegal

Frédéric Bacuez has sent more photos and information about his sighting of Blue 1H in Senegal. His generosity in sharing both the details and his time is greatly appreciated. This post comes “Courtesy Frédéric Bacuez, Ornithondar“. Any errors are mine in summarising the information he sent.

First, he gave details about the Toddé swamps which are are one of four such areas within ‘Trois-Marigots community reserve’ (Aire communautaire patrimoniale des Trois-Marigots). The first Marigot is Khant, the nearest to Toddé – and where, very sadly, two years ago reliable transmissions from the satellite tracker on Leri from the Dyfi Osprey Project were last received. The second one is N’Guisset, the third Ndiasseou which is the furthest one, and an hunting reserve. Toddé is the only one of the four swamps irrigated not from the north but by the Ngalam river in the south, just after the rainy season. Usually the swamps are drying during mid January. Despite the swamps being not very far from suburbs of Saint-Louis city (University Gaston Berger in Sanar), this is a very interesting and productive spot for Frédéric. On the day he saw Blue 1H, and again on 18 November, he spotted a Denham’s bustard (male), probably now the rarest big bird in Western Africa.

Here are a couple of images which show the location of  Toddé and the scenery.


Frédéric first thought he saw Blue 1H at around midday on 14 November, although it turns out this was a different osprey! See his blog for more. A couple of hours later Blue 1H arrived on the scene. Another young osprey, unringed, was nearby.  Frédéric sent us several more great shots of Blue 1H. You can see that the primary 10 feather on her left wing is only partially regrown; she is nearing the end of her first complete moult into adult feathers.

Finally, here are photos of Kielder’s newest hero taken yesterday, and also his team, which he jokingly described as ‘team of the day’. Year, more like!

Click on any image to enlarge it.

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