Today Tim Mackrill from the Rutland Water Project alerted us to a sighting by Frederic Bacuez of a Kielder osprey from Nest 2 in 2012, out in Senegal. This is really fantastic news,  the first ever Kielder bird seen at a migration destination, so huge thanks to Tim and Frederic.

The young osprey seen by Frederic on 14 November is Darvic ring Blue 1H, offspring of Yellow 37 and his unringed mate. Here are a couple of photos from the ringing at that nest.

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Blue 1H was seen in the Todde area of Northern Senegal, described by Frederic as a ‘hotspot’ – he saw 72 different species including a Denham’s bustard, very rare, and four ospreys. Here is a photo of Blue 1H taken by Frederic.

Blue 1H at Todde in Senegal, November 2013. © Frederic Baguez

Blue 1H at Todde in Senegal, November 2013.
© Frederic Bacuez

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8 Responses to BRILLIANT NEWS!!!

  1. Marion Webb says:

    Wonderful news – thanks for the update

  2. Terrific – news, ringing pictures and current picture.

  3. Vivien Finn says:

    Fantastic news!

  4. Keith Rogers says:

    Joanna – this is amazing news one out the blue we did not expect. What a terrific 2013 with four fledged birds migrating – The sighting of Blue 38 (2011) in N Yorkshire – Blue 35 (2010) establishing a nest in Cumbria and confirmation of White YA and Yellow 37 from Glaslyn. What more could we ask for from Kielder Ospreys. This news today just puts the icing on the cake from such a dedicated project. Thank You for the work you all put in.

    • joannadailey says:

      Thanks for the comment, Keith. Frederic is top of my thanks list today, and Tim at RW for telling us. To have our first sighting in wintering grounds is so special. It has been a year that will stay in the memory and heart forever.

  5. Alan Price says:

    Great news. And great field work.

  6. scylla says:

    Frederic is such a treasure. What great news to counter the probable sad loss of LOTL’s BlueYZ.

  7. Rosie Shields says:

    Just seen this. What great news. Let’s hope he makes it back safely in Spring 2014.

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