Without support…..

Osprey Watch Volunteer (c) Joanna Dailey

Osprey Watch Volunteer
(c) Joanna Dailey

In addition to the amazing partners at Kielder Water & Forest Park who support the Osprey Watch and make the location welcoming for Ospreys each year, a very  big thank you to all this years’ Osprey Watch Volunteers.  Without the volunteers we could not show off these amazing birds direct to the public.  Your commitment and dedication is remarkable and the visitors love the information you share.

We were grateful to receive grants of £500 from the Bellingham Fund and £1,430 from the Northumberland National Park Authority to assist with volunteer travel expenses, volunteer clothing and promotional leaflets this year. The donations from
visitors on site and via the Northumberland Wildlife Trust donations page have also been used to help fund these expenses.

Hopefully the donations will continue to come in so that with our volunteers we can run and improve Osprey Watch again next year for avid Osprey Watch visitors.

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7 Responses to Without support…..

  1. And a specially big thank you for the huge contribution of the blogmeisters, notably Joanna Dailey

  2. Rosie Shields says:

    Seconded Viv.

  3. thehutts says:

    Thank you Viv and Rosie. I couldn’t agree more that we are indebted to Joanna for all her hours at the Kielder Castle Cafe screens and then her editing of lots of videos to bring us the best clips and photos. In case she misses your comments I have passed on your thanks to Joanna. Sally

  4. joannadailey says:

    Serious blushing going on here! Many thanks, Viv, Rosie and Sally and Duncan too. Without the Hutts there wouldn’t be a blog.
    Monitoring the nestcams proved very addictive as the number of posts shows! But they are fascinating birds and there are differences in the behaviours which is especially interesting given we have full brothers on the two nests. I am genuinely extremely grateful that I was able to learn so much, and share knowledge, courtesy of the Forestry Commission cameras as well as by field observations. Back to the books for the winter though. And the odd USA webcam come December!

  5. Greg Sanders says:

    well done all of you- a very good blogging year from Kielder! and yes, ive made a decent donation- roll on 2014!

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