Gone but not forgotten

Hopefully all the Kielder Ospreys are now well on their way to finding somewhere good for the winter.  The two new tracked youngsters from the Lake District have now both made it to Africa and are doing amazingly well.

I would like to thank Joanna for her huge commitment to the project and the blog this season.  The videos have been a great addition to the blog and I now have the job of pulling all Joanna’s edited clips together to make a compilation video for 2013 for both nests to show at Kielder Castle and other places when required.  It will be loaded onto the Kielder Osprey Vimeo channel as well so watch this space!!!

Over the winter we are hoping to improve the live camera links and facilities for watching the nests at Kielder Castle Cafe and Leaplish.  There is also all the hard work required to raise the funds needed to run next year’s watch and replace at least one of the ageing telescopes.  Any donations to help with this can be made via our donate page.

Red Squirrel at the Cafe Window (c) Joanna Dailey

Red Squirrel at the Cafe Window (c) Joanna Dailey

Although the ospreys have departed there is still a lot of wildlife to enjoy at Kielder.  The video screen at the Boat Inn at Leaplish is now showing a live link to the ‘red squirrel cam’ located at the Leaplish wildlife hide.  The Osprey displays have been taken down in Kielder Castle Cafe but the big screen is showing live footage  of a squirrel feeder from a camera deep in the forest.  The squirrels can often be seen through the cafe window as they pop by to help themselves to hazelnuts from the feeder on the windowsill.

Kielder forest is one of the last remaining strongholds for red squirrels in England.  They have slowly been pushed out of the rest of England by the non-native grey squirrels.  For more information about red squirrels and their conservation come along to the display on the ground floor of Kielder Castle or check out the Red Squirrels Northern England web page.

The most impressive wildlife spectacle at the moment are the many fungi in the grounds of the castle.

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