National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry Day, what better than some verse about ospreys?

Here is a poem from a relative of  Osprey Watch volunteer Joyce, inspired by Kielder and Joyce’s tales of watching the wonderful ospreys. Many thanks, Anne.



Neil waits for a customer for the astroscope under the new parasol (c) Sally Hutt

Our hide is actually a parasol
(c) Sally Hutt

Their image trembles as a shimmer on the water.
In the hides, watchers bend over telescopes
intent on a glimpse of what appears so near but distant.
They focus on a crease of hill miles away, delicately precise,
handling with reverence the lens that brings them close,
shaking with expectancy, the tremors of their own pulse.

                                     Anne Marie Butler


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2 Responses to National Poetry Day

  1. Elizabeth B says:

    Brilliant! I can just see all the keilder volunteers shaking with expectancy whilst trying to keep the scope still!

  2. Lovely – catches the ambiance of the site and/or sight perfectly.

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