Osprey Watch Report: 24 August 2013

Well despite the poor weather (and a few midges) we had 160 stalwarts – some even in shorts – visiting us today. We always get a bit despondent when the weather forecast is poor as we expect it to be very quiet – so thank you to our visitors who came, even in the showers, to share our love of the Ospreys. We are always blown away with the enthusiasm and excitement from them.

We thought the sighting of the blue tit on the nest could turn out to be the highlight of the day – but our Ospreys didn’t let us down. It was not an ‘action packed’ day but after a slow start with no sighting of anyone we spotted a bird to the left of the nest in the usual tree. Then we saw another bird to the right of the nest. At 12.15 the fledgling appeared on the nest with Mum (who isn’t ringed); she flew off leaving her chick who sat in the nest for over 5 minutes (hoping for a fish I expect) but then s/he gave up and left the nest too.
At 13.30 after the ‘Osprey’ ferry had returned from its trip around the lake young Dan and Nicole (who had been to see us earlier) came running in very excited saying they had been on the boat and had seen an Osprey twice attempting to fish. It was great to see them so enthused – despite a pang of jealousy on my behalf!!!. Other visitors had also seen this much to everyone’s delight.

A 14.00 a fish was delivered to the nest without a head – (poss by Dad?) and our fledgling tucked into this for 30 minutes before flying off with it. An adult was in the tree to the left watching this.

The rest of the afternoon comprised seeing how many people you could shelter under a parasol with two telescopes. The Ospreys were spotted on the camera pole – and to the right and left of the nest. There was some flying around the nest at one point by two Ospreys and this was seen by the visitors through the scopes.

Only two more Osprey Watches, folks – tomorrow (Sunday 25th) and our final day on Bank Holiday Monday. And if you want to see grown people cry – then come towards the end of the last session!!

Roger, Paul, Brian, Margaret and Joyce.

A great report from Joyce. This is the first time the fledgling Blue 6H has been seen taking a fish away from the nest, another sign of growing independence.

Below is a photo of the ‘Osprey’ ferry near the dam end of Kielder Water on the trip which Dan and Nicole were on. But your photographer didn’t see anything, so the attempted catches must have been nearer Leaplish!

the 'Osprey' ferry on the trip where fishing ospreys were seen (c) Joanna Dailey

the ‘Osprey’ ferry on the trip where fishing ospreys were seen
(c) Joanna Dailey

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2 Responses to Osprey Watch Report: 24 August 2013

  1. Not only may the last of your visitors need a tissue or two, I too will be a little dismal not having a new Watch Report to read. North Carolina had a re-introduction plan for Bald Eagles and I understand that as close as Jordan Lakes I can catch sight of them. Thank you for all of this years words and the videos

  2. joannadailey says:

    Peter, glad you’ve enjoyed Kielder Ospreys. Let us know if you sight Bald Eagles, and if you get photos we can share them this side of the Atlantic!

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