Paddling along!

Nothing much was happening on the nestcam or ‘long view’ feed at Kielder Castle Cafe on Friday morning. YA brought in sticks and dragged a couple of unwieldy ones around the nest; just as well no-one else was present or they’d have been bashed! He flew off shortly after 11.00 and nothing at all was visible until after 12.30, when nestcam monitoring stopped so that Sally, son Fraser, and I could go out osprey hunting on the water with Calvert Trust Instructor Natalie.

It was very choppy at the start and we were paddling into the waves as we made our way to beneath Nest 1. No ospreys visible on the water and the nest site was behind a hill, so we couldn’t confirm if any were in their home area. We stayed around for a bit then as we started to head elsewhere, Sally spotted an osprey heading towards us! Lovely views as he (probably) made a turn towards Leaplish bay, but too quick for any decent photographs.

No more sightings of ospreys, but a great trip and views of the pedestrian bridge over Lewisburn from a different and interesting angle. Thanks to Natalie for guiding us though the waters!

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YA drags a stick around the nest (c) Forestry Commission England

YA drags a stick around the nest
(c) Forestry Commission England

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