Fledging day

What a day! When the camera streams began Blue 6H was on the nest with Mrs YA, who soon left and the youngster did some vigorous exercise. Was take off imminent? No, for most of the next two hours Blue 6H was in the corner of the nest out of sight of the nestcam but visible via the ‘long view’ camera. There were a few leaps around the nest after a visit by Mrs YA for furniture moving, but then it was back to the corner for preening.

Just before noon Blue 6H did some wing flapping but not really jumping. S/he hopped along to the front upper edge where at least the lower half of the body was visible on the nestcam. Recording started – a couple of wing flaps, then nothing. Is it worth continuing to record? And then, the wings opened and our youngster soared off towards the lake with all the confidence in the world! And didn’t reappear. Switch to ‘long view’. One adult had already left a tree, the other went towards the water too. Time passed. No ospreys visible.

Field observations were unsuccessful but at least that indicated the parents weren’t alarming over a crashed offspring somewhere near the water. Back to the cameras and before 15.00 two birds were seen in trees to the right and left of the nest. The parents back, hopefully encouraging Blue 6H to return for a meal? Actually, no! The one on the right did not have a dark enough chest to be Mrs YA but it did have a band and was not YA. Relief!

Then the cameras crashed at Kielder Castle Cafe. A brief return of the stream showed both adults on the nest with a fish, then it went off again. At the Boat Inn at Leaplish, the nestcam was working and both adults were seen mantling! Through a scope a buzzard was flying over the nest, YA left the nest and the buzzard departed the area. YA came back to his favourite tree to the left. No more action on the nest for the rest of the afternoon, but the osprey in a tree to the right was still there.

Hopefully tomorrow will see some sort of return to routine!

There is a very short video here, jerky too, of the first flight of our fourth fledge of the year. This is the first year Kielder has achieved four fledges despite having two nests since 2011, so a great milestone. A fitting reward for the Forestry Commission England especially, who had the vision to install platforms and whose cameras enable everyone to gain such privileged insight into the ospreys’ world.

the start of flapping before take off (c) Forestry Commission England

the start of flapping before take off
(c) Forestry Commission England

another flap (c) Forestry Commission England

another flap
(c) Forestry Commission England



is this Blue 6H? Probably (c) Forestry Commission England

is this Blue 6H? Probably
(c) Forestry Commission England

where's the kid? (c) Forestry Commission England

where’s the kid?
(c) Forestry Commission England



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5 Responses to Fledging day

  1. Rosie Shields says:

    Well done 6H. Now get back to the nest before the bad weather forecast for tomorrow arrives!

    • Vivien Finn says:

      So thrilled at this news. Thank you Joanna for a lovely detailed report, photos and video. I could fairly feel the tension of those moments when Blue 6H disappeared from sight and flew towards the lake. Really pleased you had a later sighting and knew all was well. Thank you to everyone there for watching over YA and family and also Yellow 37 and family. I can confirm that all 4 Glaslyn Osprey family were still present around the nest site in the Glaslyn Valley yesterday evening. May all Osprey have a safe migration.

  2. Rosie Shields says:

    Is s/he back yet Joanna?

    • joannadailey says:

      No birds on or near the nest at the moment (10.00), Rosie. It isn’t raining although it has been, and it is quite windy.

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