Still waiting!

Thursday at Kielder was wet in the morning and showery in the afternoon, with gusty winds at times. Not the best day for the Nest 1 youngster to take to the wing, so no surprises that it didn’t! The nest tree swayed in the wind and feathers were very rippled for some of the day.

Nevertheless in (mostly) calmer periods there were some impressive ‘helicoptering’ efforts which caused observers to hold their breath during the absence of anything on the nest!

Both adults made a number of visits to the nest. Sometimes they brought a stick or bark, but the amount of ‘furniture’ on the floor of the nest seems to be causing Blue 6H concern. The jumping sequences often grind to a halt when a bit of bark or a twig get caught in a talon. The chick can be seen looking very closely at the nest before one of the wing exercises, almost as if it is plotting where it is uncluttered for landing. Several times when Mrs YA came onto the nest and moved items Blue 6H tussled with her to get them where it wanted; there was quite a tug of war with one stick.

The extreme left edge of the nest was an attractive sitting place at times. Fortunately the ‘long view’ camera was working more often than it has over the last couple of days so viewers at Kielder Castle Cafe could confirm that fledging hadn’t taken place in secret!

At Leaplish, the two young lads mentioned in Wednesday’s Osprey Watch Report returned to give  both an update on what they had observed and to present ideas to encourage fledging! Jamie and Eddie are from Ellington near Morpeth and will be back for more viewing tomorrow during their stay at Kielder. It is great to see such interest and enthusiasm.

Here are a couple of images from near the start and end of one sequence.

start of a big leap (c) Forestry Commission England

start of a big leap…
(c) Forestry Commission England

nearly! (c) Forestry Commission England

(c) Forestry Commission England


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