Good news about coverage

Although it seemed likely that the Nest 1 link to Kielder Castle Cafe wouldn’t be restored until next week, Forestry Commission Radio Branch made the trip down from Perthshire yet again and had it up and running by mid afternoon. Many thanks, team!

Monitoring from the Boat Inn at Leaplish over the late morning/early afternoon period recorded Blue 6H alone on the nest for much of the time. Resting and preening were roughly equal activities. At around 13.00 Mrs YA came to the nest and Blue 6H stirred into action with some sustained wing flapping and hops. The latter could have been due to the strong breeze more that Blue 6H’s prowess! In the afternoon little happened although YA brought in a fish for high tea.

A short video of the lunchtime action is here, and a couple of images are at the bottom of the page.

Meanwhile, the Forestry Commission Wildlife Rangers have seen a number of confident flights around the nest area by the Nest 2 chicks. Even with all their experience, watching the fledglings develop is obviously special for them just as much as for osprey obsessives.

still a lot of sheath left on the tail feathers (c) Forestry Commission

still a lot of sheath left on the tail feathers
(c) Forestry Commission

mind out, mum! (c) Forestry Commission

mind out, mum!
(c) Forestry Commission

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6 Responses to Good news about coverage

  1. Marion Webb says:

    Many thanks for the update – sounds a very good route to include Glaslyn and Threave!!

    The video link doesn’t seem to work for me – comes up as private

  2. Fantastic flapping, and news of the fledging of the next 2 chicks.

  3. Peter Wilkinson says:

    Greetings from North Carolina.You provide me an almost daily treat. Thank you. I shall be sorry to be see them all leave. Will the new birds have GPS

    • joannadailey says:

      Hello, Peter, great to have a follower from so far away and from a land of plentiful ospreys. The Kielder offspring have not been fitted with trackers to date. Maybe one day!

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