Osprey Watch Report: 31 July 2013 and brief update

We started early today with visitors arriving from 10.10am. No matter how we tried the TV live pictures refused to connect.

The views from the telescopes remained good throughout the day and we were able to see glimpses of the birds coming and going to the nest. On several occasions we observed the adults in the trees to the right and/or left of the nest. Visitors totalled 107 plus or minus a few and the majority were so excited to hear about the birds and to see the nest through the scopes.

Visitors included Councillor Anne Dale, the Northumberland County Council Trustee at Kielder Forest & Water Park, who expressed her thanks and appreciation to everyone involved with the Osprey Watch; she thought we were doing a wonderful job. Then at 3.20pm, suprise suprise, we obtained a live picture of Nest 1.

Don, Lynda & Joe


It’s always rewarding for the volunteers to receive positive comments; they make up for the midges – which haven’t been too bad this year when the Watch has run!

Unfortunately the nestcam was unavailable for much of the day whilst Radio Branch spent their third day in succession trying to resolve problems associated with the Nest 2 stream, which interferes with Nest 1 coverage. Despite their hard work there is still some interference. The Nest 2 stream will not be available for the next few days at the least.

As the Nest 2 youngsters have now fledged they will be off the nest for some or much of the time, but we’d obviously love glimpses, especially if they feed there because we’d see the parents too!

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