Osprey Watch Report: 20 July 2013

Following on from the earlier blog…..It seemed to us that the parents were seeing if the youngster could feed itself. After a few morsels it gave up, wandered into the middle and started to rearrange twigs and moss. Mrs YA watched for a while, then went across, picked up the fish and moved it closer to the middle and started to feed the youngster. This was at 12:45. Youngster ate a lot then.

Chick then flops and alternates between wing and leg stretching and panting. Mrs YA stands on edge of nest looking other way as if a little disgusted.

At 13:50 we watch another Osprey heading from the nest side of the water over Leaplish on the normal flight path to Nest 2 carrying a large fish. Lost sight of it as it went over by the road.

At 14:40 YA returns to nest and picks up half of uneaten fish and takes it away. Our assumption is he is going to eat it elsewhere or he is removing it to keep nest tidy. Neither chick nor Mrs YA seem remotely interested. At 14:50 YA returns to nest with the half eaten fish which Mrs YA and chick regard as a new catch and proceed to eat……

At 15:30 both parents are on nest and mantling and looking very concerned. Chick not bothered at all. YA takes off and is out of sight on the screen, but from the Watch he is observed with another possible Osprey – maybe an intruder, which he sees off. After that all was peaceful until the end of the Watch.

150 visitors all loving the HD camera views.

Thanks to Katherine, getting work experience, who was a great help.

Roger, Joyce, Paul and Katherine

Great that we all saw the chick taking control of the fish! And very interesting that an intruder osprey was around – we hope it was Blue 38, a 2011 Kielder offspring sighted a couple of weeks ago in North Yorkshire.

The video of Nest 1 from today is here.

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