Osprey Watch Report: 13 July 2013

The camera link was not available all morning at the Boat Inn, but visibility was excellent for the telescopes and both ospreys were in and around Nest 1 all morning with quite a bit of activity, the male regularly flying past, but not obviously carrying fish.

At 12.20 both birds were on/close to the nest. It was sunny and hot (24C) and at 1pm Kielder water was like glass in large stretches. Another attempt to capture the live camera feed at around 2.20pm was briefly rewarded by a beautiful image, the chick near the edge of the nest flapping its wings whilst the adult female was standing to one side. The link went down and a minute or two later when it was restored the chick had completely vanished. Had it fallen out of the nest? An agonizing few minutes of intermittent camera showing only the adult in the nest was eventually followed by relief when there was a glimpse of the chick almost completely hidden behind its mum.

A large fish arrived sometime before 3.30 and the mum was seen feeding the chick. (Two visitors watched this fish being delivered and mum feeding the chick on the camera link at Kielder Castle.) The adult took a quick break from the nest at 4pm and at 4.15 the female was back in the nest and the male had alighted on the camera pole. Overall, it was an interesting and eventful day, with weather more typical of Kent, at least 95 visitors, 3 ospreys and virtually no midges.
Paul and Christine

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One Response to Osprey Watch Report: 13 July 2013

  1. I specially liked the no midges.

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