Wonderful news

We have had some hugely exciting news – separate confirmed reports that TWO of the Kielder offspring have been seen in the UK! These are the first reports of sightings of Kielder born ospreys from anywhere in the world. Starting with the oldest returner…

Blue 35: Nest 1 2010

Blue 35 has been in Cumbria this year! She had a failed nest, the only sad part of the news, at the Cumbria Wildlife Trust Reserve Foulshaw Moss, a restored raised mire.

She was one of the three chicks on Nest 1 in the second year of the original breeding pair on that nest.

Here, with thanks to Richard Darn,  is a photo of her when she was fitted with that important ring!

Blue 35 in 2010 (c) Richard Darn

Blue 35 in 2010
(c) Mark Pinder

Blue 38: Nest 2 2011

In the first week in July in the North York Moors National Park a couple were fortunate enough to get excellent views of an osprey with the Darvic ring Blue 38. This is the younger of the two chicks born in 2011 to Yellow 37 and his mate in their first year of breeding.

Here are some photos of Blue 38 on the day it and sibling Blue 37 were ringed. Blue 38 was markedly less developed than Blue 37, but the ‘little runt’ has shown great survival skills.

Blue 38 (c) Richard Darn

Blue 38
(c) Richard Darn

Blue 38 (c) Richard Darn

Blue 38
(c) Richard Darn

Blue 38 (c) Richard Darn

Blue 38
(c) Richard Darn

What would really put the icing on the cake would be another sighting at Kielder, especially of Blue 38 who may have been heading our way, but perhaps that is too greedy! The safe return of two Kielder ospreys to Northern England  is reason enough to celebrate.

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3 Responses to Wonderful news

  1. Nic says:

    Delighted to read that two of your young Ospreys have been sighted back in the UK.

    • joannadailey says:

      Thanks, Nic, it really was unbelievable getting two reports the same week. Been longing for a sighting then just like a bus two come together!

  2. vivien finn says:

    Congratulations on this wonderful news. Delighted for all at Kielder.

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