Osprey Watch Report: 10 July 2013

The weather was overcast and sticky so the midges were a bit of a pest at times at the view point. Nevertheless, the 66 visitors were appreciative of the opportunity to see the osprey nest and any visible adult.

Radio Branch replaced the faulty part so the experience was enhanced by being able to see the chick in the nest. At about 16.30 the male osprey landed with a fish but didn’t stay long. Although there had been no meal for some time, the female left the nest without eating. The chick was shouting for a bite and even had a few goes at trying to feed itself, unsuccessfully. Eventually it flopped down again. It was almost as though the female thought it should be old enough to feed itself and was testing it out!

Some entertainment was provided by the noisy oystercatchers and also siskins flying around the area.

Tim, Pam and Martin


The chick is fine, so the dedicated volunteers worried in vain! More signs of Mrs YAs inexperience though.

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