Osprey Watch Report: 6th July 2013 and Nest 1 update

An almost cloudless blue sky and a warm and balmy breeze meant that we had a steady stream of visitors, in spite of the fact that we clashed with the final of the women’s tennis at Wimbledon for part of the day. At times viewing through the scopes was quite tricky with the heat haze, but it is hard to complain about warmth!

We did not have the luxury of the nestcam in the Boat Inn, but managed to enthuse 92 visitors during the day, including one man who had come from Korea.

During the morning YA spend quite a lot of time on his favourite tree to the left of the nest, and at one point late in the morning both birds could be seen on trees, to the left and to the right of the nest. By 11.30 the female was back on the nest, and YA himself spent some time flitting from left to right and back again.

A buzzard was seen flying high to the south west late in the morning, and another in mid afternoon, this time to the north, and much closer to the nest, but did not seem to worry either of our Nest 1 birds at that time.

YA about to take a partly eaten fish away (c) Forestry Commission

YA about to take a partly eaten fish 
(c) Forestry Commission

At about 15.25 we noticed one of the ospreys leaving the nest, but could not tell which one it was. Fortunately, Joanna had popped up to the Castle to check on the nestcams there, and was able to bring back the interpretation of what was happening. Apparently YA dropped onto the nest then left carrying a partly eaten fish. This is normal, especially with sizeable fish, so he may have had a private meal away from the nest, and he may have brought what was left of the same fish back later.

Just before we left the female could be seen sitting up high in the nest, possibly dipping and feeding her chick. Joanna reported that the chick looked well fed with a full crop. (The image above shows one full chick!)

We were lucky to have the help of Katherine Walker, from St Andrews University, who was having a work experience day, and who proved to be a great asset.

Joanna, Christine, Katherine and Gillie

Update from the nestcam monitoring

exploring home (c) Forestry Commission

exploring home
(c) Forestry Commission

The young chick is venturing around the nest now – it was quite near an edge at one point. Mrs YA collected moss on some of her trips away; she has decided the ‘nest cup’ isn’t now necessary so is evening the nest floor. One instinct she has right, although her ‘protection’ role is still wanting. The chick was panting in the heat and still can’t regulate body temperature. In a similar situation at a similar age Mrs 37 sheltered her three from the sun by acting as a shade; Mrs YA just sat near the nest edge and enjoyed the view! She also brought in an unwieldy stick which was wafted around the chick’s head.

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