Turned a corner?

After the trauma of being upside down for several minutes on Thursday, the Nest 1 chick had a much nicer day on Friday.

It has now managed to get out of the ‘egg cup’ area and has followed Mrs YA when she has been in a corner with a fish. During the afternoon the chick seemed to be feeding every 10 minutes or so as a large trout was demolished by Mrs YA and the aforementioned! YA did fly in and take it away for a bit, so he had his share too.

The chick is also preening, copying Mrs YA, and stretching it’s legs. Mrs YA seemed more attentive too – is she slowly learning, or is she responding to a more active youngster? It has always begged very hard, but closer proximity to her may be making a difference. Whatever the reason it was a much less anxious day in Kielder Castle Cafe!

There was a bit of a stir a couple of times on the nest though, with Mrs YA mantling and YA joining her before flying off. Intruder osprey? Possibly, given some recent sightings.

The Nest 2 nestcam stream refused to appear all day – the wind does have an impact and was quite strong higher up. Hopefully it will spring back to life at the weekend and visitors will be able to see the three chicks springing around the nest!

Click to enlarge an image.

The chick stretches wing and leg (c) Forestry Commission

The chick stretches wing and leg
(c) Forestry Commission

Mrs YA proffers a tasty morsel (c) Forestry Commission

Mrs YA proffers a tasty morsel
(c) Forestry Commission


A family group (c) Forestry Commission

A family group
(c) Forestry Commission


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2 Responses to Turned a corner?

  1. Mrs YA seems to be learning her job, if somewhat reluctantly. Good to see the chick.

  2. joannadailey says:

    Yes, Viv, things definitely looked up today. I’m not sure Mrs YA is reluctant, parenthood just seems a bit mystifying to her! And although YA is around most of the time one tends to feel 37 would be intervening a bit more – remember how he rather sneakily fed the chicks very early on?!

    With a father who managed to go under nets at Blagdon Lake three times, necessitating human intervention on every occasion, and an apparent new mother with few instinctive skills, it will be a real achievement for them to get the little chick to fledging. But it is making progress.

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