Osprey Watch Report: 3 July 2013 and Nest 1 update

The team set up before 11.00 on a cloudy and breezy day. Visitors were able to see some activity during the session, much to their delight even when it was only Mrs YA’s head!

There was excitement around 11.20 when three ospreys were banking and wheeling in the general nest area. The female’s head wasn’t visible so she may have been one of them. (Comment: Earlier in the week three ospreys had been seen a couple of miles north of the nest site and some mantling was observed via the nestcam on Monday, although the cause wasn’t visible. Young ospreys are returning from migration for the first time. Are some Kielder offspring among them?!)

During the lunchtime period YA could be seen on a favourite tree to the left and Mrs YA was sat on the edge of the nest. She then spent time dipping so could have been feeding.

Among the 59 visitors today were a group of six girls from Chernobyl with some guides and interpreters. All the girls saw the nest and learnt about the ospreys through interpretation. The group are in England for a month.

Martin, Ian and Gillie


Visitors to Kielder Castle Cafe missed the excitement of the three ospreys flying but were able to see the young chick being fed several times during the day. Unfortunately the link to the Boat Inn was not working for the Osprey Watch visitors but Radio Branch are down to try and sort out the latest issues so we live in hope for the weekend.

During the afternoon the chick on Nest 1 had a couple of feeds. On both occasions Mrs YA fed herself first but not for as long as previously before answering the chick’s yells! She also went off for a few minutes but YA was in a tree by the nest. The chick still can’t clamber out of the ‘egg cup’ are but is looking quite strong. Some more video will be added later. Meanwhile, here are some images. Click to enlarge.

YA drops off a fish for tea (c) Forestry Commission

YA drops off a fish for tea
(c) Forestry Commission

Second meal within an hour for the chick (c) Forestry Commission

Second meal within an hour for the chick
(c) Forestry Commission


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