Osprey Watch Report: 29 June 2013

Set up and in action by 11:00, with people waiting to see the ospreys. The camera screen both inside and outside The Boat Inn was showing the female sat tight brooding the chick – so tightly sat that we have to assume it was underneath. She passed the time picking the odd stick and flicking it around – some strange game of her own devising? At 11:20 the male was seen to visit but we were all at the scopes so did not see this on the screens. At 11:30 the screens went down and stayed down all day so we had to rely on telescope viewing to see what was going on- and truthfully – not a lot.

At just before 12:00 she became restless and moved round the nest a lot, then at 12:35 she took off for a short flight that lasted a few minutes only – then back and down on top of the chick. At 13:40 the male was seen perched on the tree to the right, he later flew off and returned about 45 minutes later with – we assume – a delivery of a fish. At around 15:20 he returned and stood on the edge of the nest flapping his wings and giving a very nice display.

Shortly after that rain started, the mist rolled in and by 16:00 visibility of the nest was zero. Overall around 105 visitors from all over, large groups all very interested and some both delighted and amazed to catch a glimpse of the 0spreys’ nest.

About thehutts

The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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