Osprey Watch: 26 June 2013

A warm day with a slight breeze most of the time so midges were few and far between (although some visitors thought they were bad !!)

The female hardly left Nest 1 all day but gave us some good views as she sat on the edge of the nest and was quite active, bobbing up and down and moving around the nest on several occasions. We were not able to confirm whether she was feeding herself and / or chick(s). The male spent long periods of time in a tree to the left of the nest. He popped in and sat on the camera pole just after 12 noon before heading back to “his” tree. Just before 1pm he made another short visit.

We had around 70 visitors, including volunteer Martin who popped in to help sort out the covers for the scopes and ended up spending much of the afternoon talking to visitors. Several visitors had seen ospreys at other sites, while others were completely new to the experience. One young visitor was very interested and attentive and was able to then explain to her family what could be seen through the scopes and much about the ospreys. The Editor of Land Love Magazine, Anna-Lisa De’Ath, who is on a press trip to Northumberland, also dropped in. She saw the female on the nest but not the male, sadly,  and had a chat to Joanna about the ospreys’ history.

The male on Nest 2 continues to be a “good” dad bringing in a fish around lunchtime which was enjoyed by all three chicks who then spent much of the afternoon dozing in the sunshine. The only “fly past” was from a VERY low flying Chinook – causing quite a stir as it passed the Boat Inn. The female on Nest 1 took it all in her stride, sitting tight on the nest.

Margaret, Pam, Joanna – and thanks to Martin!

As is apparent from the Report, by some magic the Nest 2 nestcam roared into action again – seemingly without Radio Branch intervention! Roared may be slightly over stating it because the image quality at Leaplish wasn’t great, but at Kielder Castle Cafe it was fine if a bit jerky. And how those chicks have grown in four days. They look much more like young ospreys. Watch out for a short video later. And also a very interesting ‘guest post’.

First view for humans in four days- all safe on Nest 2 (c) Forestry Commission

First view for humans in four days – all chicks safe on Nest 2
(c) Forestry Commission

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